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Bag Tag League memberships cost $20 for the season. Included in the cost is a physical bag tag, five dollars toward bag tag finals payout, and many member benefits from our partners including presenting sponsor Bevel Craft Brewing! Memberships also support club activities such as course development and maintenance, local disc golf events and advocacy.


2020 CODGC Bag Tag Update:

We get it: we are all chomping at the bit to get Bag Tags rolling in our community again. Please know we are working to make this happen as soon as possible, provided it can be done in a way that keeps our members safe and conforms to all governing bodies' guidelines that need to be maintained to keep the CODGC in good light with our community members and administrative partners like BPRD, PDGA, Deschutes County, and the state of Oregon.


To keep everyone in the know for when things will start happening, we've outlined three Steps of what a return to the normal league and club operations will look like in Central Oregon. 


We are formally announcing the move into Step 1 and have outlined what that means as well as what's necessary to move to the next Step.


Step 1: Digital Bag Tags available for Challenges!

As a first step to get things rolling, we are rolling out Digital Bag tags which will be tied to your club membership. These digital bag tags will be hosted by Disc Golf Scene and will allow CODGC members to challenge each other for tags during round, submit rounds for updating their tag ranking on Disc Golf Scene, and keep an up-to-date list of tag holders, current rank, and the date of their last challenge. Our hope is that this will help fulfill the desire for casual competition within our community and position the club to move swiftly into Step 2 when the time comes.

To be a part of our Step 1 rollout, follow these easy steps:

1) PayPal the club the $20 entry fee (link below).

2) We will add you to the Disc Golf Scene league using your PayPal email address. (If you need to use a different name and/or email please email

3) You will receive an email confirming you have been added to the league. Head over to Disc Golf Scene and create an account if you have not already.

4) Start challenging people and submit your scores via Disc Golf Scene after your round!


Step 2: Organized League Nights!

Provided that Step 1 is a success, the return of organized CODGC member gatherings, including Bag Tag League, will require a number of prerequisite clearances by our governing bodies and community partners. Step 2 will allow us to schedule organized league nights as has been expected of the CODGC for the past 5+ years.


We will be prepared to move into Step 2 when:

  • The Digital Bag Tag solution has proven to be effective.

  • A solution is in place for administrating Bag Tag League that does not require the administrator to come into physical contact with all competitors, bag tags, cash, or scorecards.

  • Oregon moves to Phase 2 in the reopening process which will allow for groups greater than 25 to gather.

  • CODGC has connected with park admins (read: BPRD, SPRD, and RPRD) and aligned that the guidelines we are proposing are in alignment with their guidelines for activities in their parks.


Step 3: Physical Bag Tags Return!

This is what last year looked like. To make it to Step 3, Step 2 must prove successful, and Oregon must move to Phase 3 of their reopening. If Oregon does not move to Phase 3 of the reopening process in 2020, Bag Tags will be distributed at the Bag Tag Finale at the end of the year.


Looking forward to seeing everyone on the course!

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