Bag tag league


Bag Tag League memberships cost $20 for the season. Included in the cost is a physical bag tag, five dollars toward bag tag finale payout, and many member benefits from our partners including presenting sponsor Bevel Craft Brewing! Memberships also support club activities such as course development and maintenance, local disc golf events and advocacy. See the bottom of this page for a convenient PayPal payment option. 


2022 CODGC Bag Tag Update:

Family Memberships are available again this year. This is for significant others or children from the same household. The first membership is $20 and it's $5 per member after that for up to 5 total family members.

Ladies Of Central Oregon (LOCO) DGC Bag Tags available! LOCO Tags are available for $10, and $20 gets you both a LOCO Tag and a regular Bag Tag League membership.

League Schedule

UDisc League Info

We're very excited to be tracking all league results this year on UDisc. Please join the league and check in early on league nights to avoid delays. Here's how:

  1. Download the UDisc app and create a user profile.

  2. Go to the "More" tab, then select UDisc Leagues.

  3. Search for "2021 CODGC Bag Tag League" and join the league.

  4. On league nights that you plan to attend, find the event within the league page in UDisc and check yourself into that event.

  5. One person from each group will create a scorecard that is tied to that night's event. 

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