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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Fellow Members, As we settle into our new normal brought on by the pandemic, I, like many of you, am saddened to be unable to share in our weekly disc golf club events. Club bag tag nights - filled with familiar faces, sportsmanship, and laughter - provide a welcome respite to our busy and complicated lives. Given the current social distancing guidelines, although much needed in these difficult times, there is no safe and effective way for us to gather as we have in the past. As these guidelines loosen, we look forward to a time where we can come together and enjoy our sport in a manner which safeguards the health of our community. Until that time, I feel it's important to recognize the strength of our Central Oregon disc golf community and how that strength can contribute positively to each other's lives. Rebels, don't let our fellow members fall between the cracks. If you or your loved one's are in a difficult place, reach out. Whether it's resources, a friendly ear, or an occasional socially distanced round - we have a capable and compassionate community behind us all. Stay tuned to and the Disc Golf Central Oregon Facebook group for further updates. We greatly appreciate those who can contribute through membership fees to ensure the continued success of our club and our mission to grow our sport. Play safe, and stay well!

On behalf of the CODGC board, Dusty Hutchins-Board President

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