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The 2021 Bag Tag Finale Is Upon Us

We've had an amazing 2021 Bag Tag season, and it's finally time to crown a champion.

Date: 11/06/21

Location: Hyzer Pines Disc Golf Course

Address: 1750 McKinney Butte Rd, Sisters, OR 97759

It's going to be a full day of match play.

Check-in will start at 8:00 am, quick players meeting at 8:30 am, and the first round of matches will go out immediately after that. The number of people who attend will determine how long this day will last. The day will be

FULL of LOTS of matches and LOTS of FUN!

A few reminders:

• Anyone who is a CODGC Member is able to attend and compete.

• For your incoming tag to count as your seed, you need to have your tag on hand and available.

• If you do not have a tag, you will be seeded at the bottom of the bracket.

• You will exchange tags as you play matches.

• $5 day-of facility entry fee.

• Matches will be a maximum of 9 holes, match play.

• Whoever is winning after 9 holes is the winner (1-0 after 9 holes is a win!)

• If tied after 9 holes, CTP will determine the winner.

• Top 16 of the winner's bracket wins cash. Top 16 of the losers bracket wins cash.

The ace pot is sitting at $110 from last Tuesday Night Tags and will roll over into next year if no one hits it.

See you out there!

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